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Peach jam with lime, gloves and cinnamon

Sweet preserves are mostly useful as a comfort food in a cold, grey winter mornings. Is there anything better than a sunny jam with a warm bun? Such a set even in a snowy and windy day puts you on your feet and gives you energy for the whole day.

So let’s start putting the Summer flavour in jars, to stay with us longer!

This jam has beautiful colour (I do hope you can see it in a photos..), smooth consistence and slightly spiced aroma, Delicious!

Ingredients ( make 2 jars, each 330 ml)
35 oz (500 g) peaches
35 oz (500g) kg sugar
6 gloves
1 cinnamon stick
4 tbsp lime juice

Peel and stoned peaches, cut in eighths, mix with lime juice, place in a baking dish and bake for 30 min in a preheated oven to 280 F/140 oC. After 30 min. put the fruit into the pan, combine with sugar, add gloves and cinnamon. Cook on a low heat, stirring from time to time until the jam gets thick (about 2 hours). At the end add thinly sliced nectarine. Pour the jam into the hot jars, add 2 gloves and ½ cinnamon stick in each jar, seal tightly.

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