wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Oscypek and sun dried tomatoes triangles

I believe that the person whose idea was to sell a ready to bake puff pastry is today a millionaire and I’m just one of those who are grateful for this invention! There’s not too many products ‘ready to use’ I buy, the puff pastry is one of the exceptions. At the same time there’s not too many products so universal as the puff pastry. Delicious both in a sweet and in a savour version.

This morning I served puff pastry in a savour version, with our Polish pride: oscypek and Italian addition: sweet sun dried tomato. Delicious combination served with cranberry sauce.

1 package puff pastry
for each triangle 1 slice (about ¼ inch/ 0,5 cm thick) of oscypek (or grilled hallumi cheese)
sun dried tomatoes
1 whisked egg
2 tbsp sesame seeds

Cut the puff pastry in squares (side length about 10 cm). in a centre of each square place a slice of oscypek and a half of sun dried tomato. Brush the edges of the square with whisked egg and crimp the edges to create a triangle shape. Each triangle brush with whisked egg, sprinkle them with sesame seeds. Bake until golden at 400F/ 200 oC.

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