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Bruschetta – the easiest canapés in the World

I must admit I had doubts if I can call this appetizer a ‘canapé’ but at the end is just a slice of bread with tomato. You don’t need too much time or too complicated ingredients to make them. Easy combination, so typical of Italian cuisine, of crunchy toasts, olive oil and tomatoes is the best for me. I could eat them every day, but they taste the best only at a Summer time.

The bruschetta’s taste you can modify with different additions. First you can serve them with basil, next time with olives and oregano.

Ingredients ( the amount you can multiply ad you wish)
sliced baguette ( about 0,5 inch/1,5 cm slices) or any sourdough bread
2 big ripe tomatoes
olive oil
freshly ground pepper
2 big garlic gloves
Additions (any):
basil leaves and oregano
chopped olives
roasted peppers
chopped shallots

Diced tomatoes mix with your favourite additions: herbs, olives, onion. Place slices of baguette on a baking tray or pan and bake until golden. Still warm slices rub with a garlic glove cut in half, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. Spoon the tomato mixture on each baguette slice, season with pepper and drizzle with oil. Serve when baguette is still warm.

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