czwartek, 29 marca 2012

Leeks and cauliflower cream soup

After last dental adventures Piotr had to eat creamy and delicate food so in our house we ate mainly cream soups. In my opinion that’s the easiest way to make the dinner: bullion, vegetables and food processor…bzzz, bzzz and it’s ready.

18 oz (500 g) cauliflower (can be frozen)
1 big leek
2 potatoes
35 fl.oz (1 l) bullion
salt, pepper
1 tbsp butter
few slices ham/bacon (to serve)
dill (to serve)

Sauté sliced white part of the leek. In a pot with bullion cook cauliflower florets, diced potatoes and leek. Bring the soup to boil and cook on a low heat until the vegetables get soft. Blend the soup in a food processor, the soup should be smooth and creamy (optional you can add more water/bullion). Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Cut the ham/bacon into thin strips, fry until crispy. Serve the soup with strips of crispy ham and chopped dill.

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