czwartek, 29 marca 2012


Strawberries…there is nothing better in a Summer time! Today with a homogenized cheese: delicious duet!

18 oz (500 g) strawberries
8 oz (200 g) natural homogenized cheese
8 oz (200 g) vanilla homogenized cheese
1 package strawberry jelly
optional: few drops lemon juice, sugar to taste

Gently blend strawberries, the mixture doesn’t have to be smooth, leave some pieces of strawberries. Prepare jelly adding extra ½ cup water ( about 250 ml). Combine jelly mixture with strawberries and homogenized cheese, season to taste with sugar and lemon juice. Pour the jelly into prepared dessert bowls, put them in a fridge for a few hours. Serve decorate with vanilla and sugar, in a room temperature.

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