wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Mexican style dish

This is quick, kind a camping dish. Filling, you don’t need to much time to make it. Perfect for as a dinner for a ;after-party’ day when you don’t have any strength!

2 cans beans (I used red and white beans)
3 full tbsp tomato puree
1 red pepper
2 row sausages
1 onion
1 garlic clove
few basil leaves, oregano
few young potatoes
to taste: chilli, salt, pepper, sugar

Fry sliced sausage with onion and garlic. In a separate pan fry cubed pepper. In a pot mix beans with pepper, sausage, onion and garlic. Pour in water (about 18 fl oz / ½ l), add tomato puree. At the end add cubed potatoes (I didn’t peeled mine just washed them with a brush). Cook for a while until potatoes get soft.
You can cover the pot and cook the stew on a low heat. Before serving decorate with fresh herbs.

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