wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Marinated olives

The bowl full of olives is a great addition to any appetizer, evening with a glass of wine…. Those from the jar are quite good… and as the better is an enemy of good a slight taste twist were what they needed! Thanks to lemon juice the olives are more aromatic, in a Moroccan style, perfect for a Summer!

Ingredients (make a 10 fl oz/ 300 ml jar)
green stoned olives ( I used 2 packages each 200 ml)
lemon zest of 1 blanched olive
½ teaspoon dry chilli
fresh herbs: oregano, sage, rosemary- you can use your favourite: parsley, coriander, basil…
for a marinate: olive, vinegar (proportion 3:1)

Drain the olives. Transfer them to the jar, add all ingredients: finely chopped herbs, lemon zest, chilli. Pour in olive and vinegar. Keep in a sealed jar in a fridge even for 3 weeks. Before eating wait 3 days so the flavours will mingle.

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