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Crispy Winter veggies salad

For this Sunday dinner salad I got inspired by the culinary workshops, I wasn’t expecting anything special, just few carrots and a sauce, well I was so wrong! Vegetables made this method are aromatic and crispy, you can prepare them a day earlier and they won’t loose their freshness- it is a great idea for a work lunch salad!

3 big carrots
2 big parsley roots
1 leek
6 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp wine vinegar
1 teaspoon honey
salt, pepper

Wash all the vegetables, crosswise cut in half, then cut all the vegetables julienne ( about 2-3 mm thick). In a jar mix all the sauce ingredients, shake. Add the sauce to the vegetables and mix until well covered with the sauce and slightly soft. Serve i.e. with chopped parsley. I sprinkled mine salad with black sesame seeds.
If you don’t have a time to wait, cut vegetables put for a minute into the boiling water next for another minute into a freezing water and than mix with the sauce. The veggies will be good in a half an hour.

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