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Pineapple puff pastry cookies

I have a great sentiment to those cookies: everyday on my way to school I was passing by the patisserie in which I ate two pastries: puff pastry with sugar and puff pastry with pineapple. I know it looks very limited but at that time it was enough for me. Today I present you: pineapple puff pastry cookies.

1 package puff pastry ( you may also make it, but I don’t really have a time to do it)
1 can pineapple slices ( in light, not too sweet syrup)
about 6 teaspoons powder sugar

Drain the pineapple. Cut bigger than pineapple slices circles in the pastry. In a centre of each pastry circle place the pineapple, fold up the pastry edges to the centre. Before baking sprinkle with powder sugar (it should caramelized while baking). Bake until golden brown, at 360 F/ 180 oC.

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