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Classic for a weekend – stuffed pork

I must admit that it is a first time I made that pork (under my mum’s supervision). It’s delicate and crisp, the stuffing depends on your preferences. It can be classic: beacon and dry plums although we used smoked cured meat, some onion and sour cucumber and mysterious addition- mustard, which perfectly replaces other spices.
It’s a second posted recipe for a dish I made with Knorr’s stock cube.

Stock cubes can replace traditional bullion so it’s a great alternative if we don’t have 4 hours to cook bullion. Decreased amount of salt and fat make it even more desirable.

Ingredients (make about 12)
nice piece of joint of pork ( size depends on how many rolls we want to get), sliced in 0,5 inch/ 1,5 cm thick slices
to each roll:
1/8 sour cucumber
slice smoked cured meat
piece onion
1/3 teaspoon strong mustard
1 tbsp cumin
1 onion
2 bay leaves
3 grains pimento
½ cup wheat flour
2 cups bullion
(dry cranberries to serve)

Slices of pork pound with a meat mallet to flatten the pork. On each slice of pork spread the mustard evenly, place the cucumber, cured meat and onion in the centre. Roll the slices tightly. Each dip in a flour, cover well with flour. Brown the meta each side in a frying pan. In a big oil pour some oil, cumin, bay leaf and pimento, place the meat in a pot quite tightly. Pour the bullion over meat, simmer covered for about 1-2 hours, the meat should be juicy and crispy.

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