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Delicate fish soup

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing such a thing but the only fish soup I like is my Mum’s. She doesn’t cook it (unfortunately!) very often, but every Christmas I can count on her fish soup!
Why I should be waiting so long for this soup when I can make it by myself!? This genial in its simplicity thought lead me to the kitchen. And I did create delicate, creamy soup with dill. Mine, but tasting just like my Mum’s!

2 big carrots
1 parsley root
½ celery root
1 leek
2 bay leaves
2 grains pimento
1 bunch dill
½ cup double cream (30%)
heads and everything else left after filleting 4 trout or other favourite fish
salt, pepper

Peel vegetables, chop in a big pieces. Cook bullion with vegetables, fish parts and spices.

Strain the bullion, add cream, season to taste. Serve soup with loads of chopped dill and delicate noodles.

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