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Spinach tart

It is said that all stories about how healthy spinach is are a lie as there is not too much iron in it. Doesn’t matter how much iron spinach consists of, I eat it because I just love it! Today the recipe for the spinach tart. I made so much that we ate it with a blue cheese sauce

two days in a row.

9 oz (250 g) wheat flour
3,5 oz (100 g) butter
2 teaspoons powder sugar
½ teaspoon salt
1 oz (25 g) fresh yeast
¼ cup thick, sour cream
2 egg yolks+1 egg
35 oz (1000 k0g) spinach ( I weight it after short cooking)
2 eggs (yolks separate with whites)
about 250 g cottage cheese
salt, pepper, nutmeg
1 big garlic glove
1 small onion
2 tbsp butter (oil) to fry
( you can add about 1 cup béchamel sauce)

Melt yeast in a cream with powder sugar. Chop flour with butter, add remaining ingredients and yeast, knead the dough, you can put it in a fridge. Heat the oil in a pan, sauté chopped onion. Add spinach (fresh or frozen, drain the water from the spinach), simmer on a medium heat until the water evaporates from spinach. To a slightly cooled mixture add cottage cheese and egg yolks. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Beat the egg whites and gently combine with spinach. Put the roll out dough in a greased tart pan. Spoon the spinach mixture into the pan, you can cover the top with the remaining dough. Bake at 360 F/ 180 oC for about 1 hour.

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