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French challah toasts

As soon as I baked the challah bread I read the recipe for the French toasts served as a dessert. I didn’t wait too long, the next day I made those soft toasts for a breakfast! I was nicely surprised by their taste. I wasn’t expecting fireworks and voila! Challah bread served this was can be a strong alternative for pancakes. Try, it’s worth!
Challah, challah and it’s gone. Such a shame…..

Ingredients (make 3 portions)
3 really big slices challah bread
1 egg
½ cup milk (it can by half and half with sour cream)
1 teaspoon honey
pinch salt
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp oil
powder sugar, maple syrup, preserve to serve with

Whisk egg with milk, combine with honey and salt. One piece at a time dip slices of challah bread in an egg mixture flipping the bread so both sides are covered, let the slices rest in the mixture for about 10 min. so they soak the egg mixture. In a large pan heat up butter and oil. Fry the challah slices both sides on a low heat until golden. Serve warm dusted with powder sugar, fruit preserves or maple syrup.

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