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Who said that the Shrove Thursday is the last day after the carnival during which we can eat doughnuts?! I don’t agree with such rules and today I suggest you delicious doughnuts. With a cup of warm milk for breakfast, with an afternoon coffee and with a tea for a dinner... Diet - gets away!

As I was afraid my doughnuts won’t be fried in a centre I cut them in half and fried the moon shaped doughnuts.

35 oz (1000 g) wheat flour
3,5 oz (100 g) fresh yeast
5,5 oz (150 g) sugar
18 oz (500 ml) milk
6 egg yolks
1 egg
5-6 tbsp oil or 10 dag margarine
vanilla sugar
shot of vodka
lemon zest of 1 lemon
fat to fry
powder sugar to drizzle with or icing

Mix yeast with sugar, 200 g four and half a cup milk, leave to rise. Sieve the flour. Beat the egg with egg yolks, add flour, yeast mixture, vanilla sugar, lemon zest, the rest of milk, salt, and vodka. Knead the dough until smooth and elastic. Add melted butter or margarine, knead again. Form a ball, place in a warm spot for 10-15 min, when start to rise knead again.

Roll out the dough (about 0,5 inch/ 1,5 cm thick), flour the surface you work on. Cut the doughnut’s circles with a glass. Leave them to rise.

Deep fry both sides until golden, transfer the doughnuts on the parchment, drizzle with powder sugar or put the icing on top. You can also stuff doughnuts with a jam.

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