sobota, 21 stycznia 2012

Warming lemon herbal drink

What kind of a summer is that, if you have to spend it wearing a sweater and carrying the umbrella? Summer definitely is not spoiling us this year..
I have the impression that July is just about the rain. In such a weather it is very easy to get cold or at least feeling blue. Fortunately I know the antidote for both. Hot lemon herbal drink, sweet like honey immediately will put you on your feet!

Ingredients (make 3 cups)
half lemon
piece of ginger (size of thumb)
2 tbsp honey
4 slings of thyme (it is antibacterial and antitussive )
2 slings lemon balm (reduces fever)
hot water

Put slices of lemon, ginger, herbs and honey in the jug. Pour hot water in and stir. Drink warm ( or cold in warm days).

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