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“Kulebiak” with meat stuffing

'Kulebiak' came to us from the East. In many homes is bake just this time of a year, for the Easter. There can be a variety of stuffing: vegetables, meat or fish. My Mother (thought by the great-grandmother) makes it with cabbage, hardboiled egg and plenty of dill. Mine is a result of coincidence – I had a piece of veal and I just had to use it to make something tasty! So I made kulebiak.

For the dough instead of sour cream and add minced cottage cheese. Some days later I read (in “ Nell’s kitchen”), that Aniela Rubinstein used to make it the same way – such a nice coincidence!

In this recipe I’ll focus on short-yeast dough, because it is a revelation, and it’s perfect for such a pastries. What’s more you can even prepare it one day before and keep it in the fridge.

250 g (9 oz) owheat flour
100 g (3,5 oz) butter
2 teaspoons powdered sugar
½ teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons dry yeast
¼ cup minced cottage cheese ( or sour cream)
2 eggs ( one to be spread on top)
I made one similar to the pierogi’s meat stuffing. Cooked (or baked) meat mince with vegetables: carrot, parsley root and celery root. Add some vegetable-meat bullion (so the stuffing won’t be too dry). Mix the meat with French beans, green beans and parsley, fried chopped onion and egg. Spice it with salt and pepper.
It is just an example because the stuffing can be whatever you like!

Chop flour with butter, add the rest of the ingredients. Knead until the dough become elastic and well combined. Put it in a fridge for a while ( mine, I left in a fridge for the night). Roll out the dough into a rectangle. Along the long side apply the stuffing, roll the dough with a long side, the ends of kulebiak wrap underneath it. Place the kulebiak on a lined baking tray, spread whisked egg on top of it, bake at 180 oC (360 F) until slightly brown.

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