sobota, 21 stycznia 2012

Apple Tart Tatin

Pastries based on puff pastry are one of my favourites! Shortbread cookies with just sugar, or like today with fruit! It is a great dessert idea, when we feel like eating something sweet and don’t have too much time. I served my tart slightly warm with a scoop of walnut ice-cream. Heaven!

1 puff pastry sheet
3 wine apples
1 cup sugar ( with such an amount of sugar, apples become very sweet, in my opinion you can decrease it)
pinch salt
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp water

Pour the sugar in the pot, add 2 tbsp water and lemon juice. Cook (without stirring) until sugar is golden brown. Pour the melted sugar in the tart pan. Add the butter (cut in small pieces). Place the apples cut in “sixteen” on caramel. Cover the fruit with pastry, slightly close it tight. Bake at 200 oC (400 F), for about 20-25 min. until golden brown. Cool the tart but serve it slightly warm ( to remove the tart from the pan, place a plate over the pan and turn upside down, decisively and quickly).

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