sobota, 21 stycznia 2012

Delicate potato pancakes

I would love to eat potato latkes every day! But there is a “but”: I hate the after frying smoke in the house… These pancakes are healthier and less caloric alternative to classic lateks. They are creamy-soft, and you can eat them with sour cream and chives or smoked salmon and dill. With caviar they could be a great Ester appetizer, don’t you think?

Ingredients (make about 10 pancakes)
3 (small) cooked potatoes
¼ cup milk

1/3 cup wheat flour
2 eggs (separate whites and yolks)
1 tbsp sour cream
pinch salt and pepper
You can add herbs: dill, chives, fried onion
Serve with sour cream, chives…..

Cooked potatoes mash with a little bit of milk, cool. Mix potato mixture with egg yolks, flour, rest of milk and cream. Beaten egg whites delicately combine with potato mixture, add salt and pepper. Fry pancakes in heated pan, until golden. Serve warm with sour cream.

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