niedziela, 22 stycznia 2012

Meat feast

In the weekend I prepared meat and as it was so delicious I decided to mention it here. It won’t be a typical recipe as only the rules are crucial! Everything started with my new beautiful blue cast iron pot! It is heavy as an elephant but that is also its charm! It keeps the temperature for long hours and the meat made in is juicy and crisp. You don’t have to stir anything, the dish makes itself. I recommend you buying such a great pot! I love it!

meat (not too skinny, dark turkey meat is great)
vegetables ( I put them on a bottom of pot: carrot, parsley root, garlic cloves in shells, celery root, onion)
species (salt, pepper, rosemary)
water, red wine

In a pot fry the spiced meat, when ready put aside on a plate. In the same pot fry onion with vegetables. On top of vegetables put the meat, pour in water (bullion) and wine up to ¾ meat heights, cover the pot . Bake in preheated oven to 150 oC (300 F) for 2 hours (for last 30 min. take the cover off). After 2 hours you can enjoy delicious and juicy meat!

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