niedziela, 22 stycznia 2012

Spring rolls (steamed)

Recently I am a big fan of steamed food. How often you can eat broccolis and carrots?! So this time: spring rolls! Healthier version of fried spring rolls, which can be stuffed with different ingredients (vegetables, meat, mung mashrooms...). Mine were just slightly in a eastern style as I used veal and vegetables. Plus my favourite chilli sauce and I’m in a culinary heaven!

1 leek (white part only)
2 carrots
5 tbsp mung mushrooms sprouts
300 g (10 oz) fried or raw meat ( I used veal but you can use chicken or beef)
about 15 sheets of rice paper
thin rice noodles
soy sauce, chilli sauce

Season the meat (with salt, pepper and 5 flavours seasoning, soy sauce or other preferred way), fry quick, cut into strips. Make the noodles according to the instruction. Cut carrots in sticks, leek cut in thin slices. Each sheet of rice paper dip briefly in a water, put in on a flat surface. In a middle of it put vegetables and meat, roll. Steam for about 14 min., serve with soy sauce or chilli sauce.

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