czwartek, 19 stycznia 2012

Gingerbread exceptional liqueur

I couldn’t wait a single day longer with thepublication of this post, because the liqueur which I would like to propose toyou can be made in exactly 10 days, meaning: if you start today it will beready exactly for Christmas!
I had to admit that I was surprised by its “productionprocess”, but I have decided to give it a chance! And yes: I was brave enoughto mix vodka and milk !!
Fortunately, the effect is more than satisfactory. Themixture created delicious, aromatic liquid with a clear yellow colour andcreamy taste.
The most important part is that its taste mostlydepends on your whim!! I decided to vary it with oranges, but it should also betasty with limes, lemons, ginger, raspberries or even just spices.

2 cups vodka
2 cups milk (full fat)
2 cups sugar (or less if you prefer your liqueurs tobe a little less sweet)
additions for this amount of liquid, i.e. 1 orange, 2lemons
I have added 1 orange cut into quarters, half of adried apple, piece of cinnamon stick, vanilla stick and juice form 1 lemon.

Mix all ingredients, and leave the mixture in a closedjar for 10 days, keep it away from the daylight. Every day shake the jar, themixture may stratify – don’t worry it is absolutely normal. After 10 days,filter (several times) the mixture through a coffee filter (I tried filter itthrough gauze but believe me coffee filters are way better !!) until it becomecrystal clear. Now you can drink it!!

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