sobota, 21 stycznia 2012

Extra quick omelette with divine plums

I dream about mornings with a smell of freshly baked rolls. I could give a lot for a daily delivery of crispy baguettes and sourdough bread! As the world is not perfect, and I don’t have enough of strong will to regularly bake bread I’m left with “mornings alternatives”. Very often I start my day with different omelettes, pancakes or crepes. All you need is 2 eggs, a little bit of flour and something tasty on top! And as for the matter……

Favourite omelette – 2 beaten eggs, a little bit of flour, drop of milk and pinch of salt
10 sweet plums
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp brown sugar (muscovado)
¼ cup water
big pinch cinnamon
big pinch pimiento (optional)
2 cloves

Fry the omelette. Heat the butter in the pan, add the plums cut into quarters, sugar, water and spices. Fry for a few minutes until plums are juicy and soft, and sauce thick. Warm plum sauce put on top of the omelette and enjoy your breakfast!

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