piątek, 24 lutego 2012

Nuts in honey

I’m not going to surprise you saying that the best are the presents that you think over! My favourites are those handmade, that someone had to put his heart into: inventing and preparing!

These nuts are sweet appetizer, which will be perfect for sweets fans! Also healthy and looking beautiful. I can hardly resist the sweetness closed in a jar.

Ingredients ( the proportions depend on what size jars you will use):
nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or other your favourite)

Hazelnuts have to be peeled from the dark skin: put them in a heated pan, you should start to smell the hazelnuts and see the skins beginning to pull away from the meat. Remove the hazelnuts from the pan and place them on a kitchen towel, gently rub them between your palms. This will pull of the skins.

Put almonds in a hot water, after 10 min. peel them.

Remove the shells from walnuts.

All nuts put in a jar, pour honey in. Close lid tightly. Put the jar in a pot lined with kitchen towel and filled with water up to ¾ high. Boil on low heat, after 20 min. put the jars aside upside down to cool.

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