niedziela, 5 lutego 2012

Delicate currant mousse – without eggs and cream…

My great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mum used to make this mousse.

This time my turn ( tradition obliged!)

This dessert is amazing and honestly I don’t know any similar. You don’t need to use cream or beaten egg whites, and it’s still fluffy and delicate. Slight sour currant taste is soothe by milk and vanilla essence. The Summer holiday taste.

3 cups red currants
3 cups water
1 cup semolina
1/3 cup sugar
pinch salt
2 cups milk
1 vanilla stick
4 tbsp sugar ( or to taste)

Washed currants cook in a water until soft, sieve. Add semolina to the currant mixture and cook until thick. Season with salt and sugar. Blend the semolina mixture until cooled down ( about 10 min.). The mixture should be fluffy and light pastel. Spoon in the prepared dessert bowl. Cool down.

Mix milk, sugar, vanilla beans and cook for a few minutes with a vanilla stick inside.

Before serving pour the milk (you can slightly beat it) over the mousse.

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